FPP: Questions & Answers

What if I have Medicaid?

If you have Medicaid, any services received would be paid for under Medicaid, not the Family Planning Program.  Family Planning contractors have to screen all potential clients for Medicaid eligibility.

How will I know if I'm covered by the Family Planning Program?

The staff at a Family Planning Program clinic will meet with you at the clinic to see if you are eligible. They might be able to confirm your eligibility the same day and provide you with approved services.

How long will I get services?

You are eligible for services for one year, unless there are changes to your income and/or household status during the year. You can renew your services every year if you still qualify.

How much will I pay?

Clients may be charged a co-pay for services, but the co-pay will not exceed $30.00.  

Where do I get my birth control?

You can get your birth control at a clinic or doctor's office that works with the Family Planning Program.

What if my doctor finds a health problem that isn't covered?

The Family Planning Program pays only for the services listed under Benefits. If your doctor finds a problem such as cancer, you will be referred to another doctor who can treat you. You might have to pay for these services, or you might be able to get free or low-cost treatment. To find a clinic that offers additional healthcare, you can: