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HTW: Questions & Answers

How will I know if I'm covered by the Healthy Texas Women program?

If we approve your application, we will send you a Your Texas Benefits ID card in the mail. You must take this card with you to the doctor’s office when you get Healthy Texas Women services. This card lets the doctor’s office know which services you can get.

Call 1-866-993-9972 (toll-free) if you don’t get a Your Texas Benefits ID card and want to see if you are in the program.

Call 1-855-827-3748 (toll-free) if you lose the Your Texas Benefits ID card and need to replace it.

How long will I get services?

You can get Healthy Texas Women benefits for one year. Before your coverage ends, we will send you a renewal form so you can reapply for another year of benefits.

How much will I pay?

You do not pay for the services you get through this program. If you need treatment or medical services that are not covered by this program, you might have to pay for those services.

Where do I get my birth control?

You can get your birth control at a clinic or doctor's office that works with the Healthy Texas Women program. If your doctor gives you a prescription, you can fill it for free at a drug store if you show the Your Texas Benefits ID card.

Find a Pharmacy (Drug Store) - If you need to find a drug store that serves Healthy Texas Women members, use this search feature.

What if my doctor finds a health problem that isn't covered?

The Healthy Texas Women program pays only for the services listed under Benefits. If your doctor finds a problem such as cancer, you will be referred to another doctor who can treat you. You might have to pay for these services, or you might be able to get free or low-cost treatment. To find a clinic that offers additional health care, you can:

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